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Motorhead - Rare Collectibles - Lemmy Action Figure Special Edition

Lemmy Action Figure Special Edition

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Lemmy Action Figure Special Edition

Item Number: MH4035
Retail Price:$40.00
We're sorry, this item is no longer avaialble.
The very first officially licensed Lemmy figure ever made!

This is the special "Iron Cross - Born to Lose Out To Lunch" bass.

* Stands 7 inches tall with base.
* Sculpted to accuracy, this figure captures Lemmy in all his Motorhead glory.
* Includes: Highly detailed and accurate figure, Rickenbacker Figural Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar Strap, Microphone & Stand, Figural Base, Motorhead Logo Plate & War Pig Themed Backdrop.
* The officially licensed Rickenbacker guitar replica features real strings and Rickenbacker trademarks. (Guitar does not play music.)
* Two different guitars available; the eagle(as pictured) and the cross. You can make a request on your order but we cannot guarantee your request can be filled.
* Officially licensed product.

"I had to stand on this platform while the camera went around and did the hologram thing and then they made the model, only smaller," Lemmy said. "They said it's an action figure, and I said, 'So, you're gonna put a dick on it?' They said, 'No.' I said, 'Well, then it's not going to get much action then, is it?' A bad name for it, right?" Watch video footage of Lemmy talking about the action figure at this location.

Locoape, the newly formed Chicago-based manufacturer, produces an array of both licensed and proprietary branded products with an emphasis on toys, collectibles, trends and popular culture. "We're very excited to be able to introduce the Locoape brand to the public with an iconic license such as MOTÖRHEAD. Lemmy is an artist that defines modern hard rock and metal music," said Locoape CCO Michael Romano. According to Locoape President Steve Loney, "When we first began to develop the Icon series brand we wanted to first solidify just who the Icons are. Much was debated, but Lemmy was instantly at the top of that list. With so many Iconic artists in development and the roster we've secured we're already planning in to 2010! People are really going to be surprised just who and what we're developing." Romano added, "Beginning with Lemmy, we've strived to create the Icon series as an ongoing brand of true show piece collectibles. Collectibles that include the artist's input and offers the fans and collector an item with the quality and integrity that they deserve."

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